P90X - Day 25 - X Stretch

It is days like this that you can look forward to!!! A good 1 hour stretch of the whole body....Oh yeah! Of course this week it is the Calm Before the Storm II......as Core Synergistics is again tomorrow. But...I'm just going to relax and enjoy the results of this stretch and try to sleep well tonight.....

Tomorrow is a new day and a new beginning to another LifeGroup in our home....I was given a word of "Harvest" today from a friend, and as we discussed it agreed that God is going to deliver what we need to Harvest for him....Preparation is key, which just ties into "working out" our salvation. Just as we start to see results as we work out more and more, the same holds true with our Knowledge of Jesus...the more we work out, the more He works in.

Just remember....relax and breathe.