P90X - Day 19 - Legs/Back & ABS!!!

OK....anyone who thinks this can get easier needs to do the X and Bring It. My Butt is burning today and I'm really feeling my core tightening today. I guess I'm ready for the 1 week break from the norm, but then again, I think it'll be pretty brutal as the schedule calls for YogaX twice next week. Blah....And Core Synergistics. Something new.

Abs went well as always....Christina nailed out 50 Feet Up Mason Twists....(not me ugh). But I am managing 30 Oblique V-ups!!!! Good job us!

This has been such a busy week with Church, Work and P90X, but we're managing to get our food intake in and keeping it strict. What a great energy you get from this whole plan.

Well fun fun tomorrow....Kenpo X. We really enjoy it...I think it was definetly stuck in where it is to look forward to.