P90X - Day 18 - Yoga X

Yoga, yoga....oh how I hate thee....Ha. Today I took a long lunch to come home from work, watch the innauguration and do 1 1/2 hours of Yoga X. Man, I wish that was shorter. It felt great, and I needed more than ever the stretching as my back was still feeling the added weight on the Arms & Shoulder workout. And I sure won't say it gets easier as with the experience comes the ability to do things closer to correct. Some of those positions just kill me though. Oh well....this week is over and next week, week 4 has 2 days of Yoga.....Yeah!!! (sarcastictly)

It has been so amazing the discussions we have on P90X...with those who have it, those who have it now, and even those who just don't know why we are feeling the way we do. I'm feeling great and really looking forward to the change up next week.

I sure wish I'd see some size coming off of that back fat (love handles)...

Legs & Back and ABS!!!! Tomorrow.