P90X - Day 17 - Arms/Shoulders & ABS!!!

Wow...got up early this morning and spun a change into the workout. Added weight today, so with that and the early, empty stomach workout, I'm really feeling it. I pushed myself hard today and was able to add 5-10# per routine.

Ab Ripper X today was great....and man-o-man I'm feeling it. My stomach is tiiiiiight. Again, pushed hard and was able to hang a little more than usual. (Even did 30 on the Obliques!!!)...May sound a bit weird, but....I Love Oblique V-Ups!

Yoga tomorrow.....I sure hope I grow to enjoy it.....Christina is really encouraging me not to substitue CardioX, so I will stick with it....cuz I know we have it twice next week.

Thats it for now....