Gosh today sucked. Someone asked me today if P90X gets easier and I told them that I guess it could, but you will get out of it what you put into it. I guess I'm putting a lot into it because I'm hurting today. Another day of Plyo gone and, yes, that makes me happy. It is a great workout and although some of the stuff kills me, some of it I do really enjoy and try to do even some extra.

I'm feeling better about myself now, and starting to see some significant changes in my physique....just not my catfish belly!!! Ha...

Going to change our schedule up for a few days and work out in the morning....we'll see how that goes. We're having our annual Zion services at church at night, so we're going to start our day with a wear out! Really looking forward to a move from God this week as we are also preparing to start teaching our LifeGroup next week.

Life is about to get really busy (er)!!!!