P90X - Day 15 - Back/Shoulders & ABs!!!

Week 3 begins and begins with some new burrrrrrn. After consulting my good friend Chris on using the Bands vs Pullups with foot help, he encouraged me to go to the bar....and I did....and it resulted in some brand new burn....(Thanks Chris). Today we really pushed it hard to get the most...and I can tell you, I have not felt that spent in a long long time...Years. The only problem today is that I ran out of weight doing the Heavy Pants and Lawn Mowers, so tonight I had to buy more weight....(dang) Ha.

This week our friends Chris and Amber started P90X and it seems they are loving it...(hopefully as much as we are.) Its pretty cool to be able to share this experience with friends.

Well....another round of Plyometrics tomorrow...Ready...BRING IT!