P90X - Day 1. - Chest, Back & AB RIPPER X

Wow!!!! What a workout. I was very pleased.

Today was Chest and Back followed up with AB Ripper X. Man o man.

The Burn was there! Big time. A lot of pushups and chin-ups (which we did with resistance bands)... Although I was no where near the push up numbers that the DVD did, I pushed myself and made it hurt.

This is going to be great.

Today also started the new diet. No more crap....Goodbye holiday junk food!

Started out today with a Protein Shake (Protein Powder, Berries, Banana's, Ice)....I skipped the mid meal snack as I slept in today and started late. For lunch had a good Chef Salad. Protein Bar for a snack and then the Workout. Followed up the workout with a Recovery Drink (not bad at all) and then a dinner of 8oz Salmon, Asparagus and Rice with a handful of dried banana's for desert. Also drank a lot of water today!

89 days to go....I'm pumped and excited to stick with it.