P90X Again - Abs Core+

Short window last night, so Christina and I hit Abs Core+ out of P90X+. A great Ab and really, a great Upper Body Workout. The Abs from the Pull Up bar rock when you really engage your core and lats! If you are in Phase III of P90X you need to jump on and get P90X+ it'll really add to the muscle confusion and allow you to change it up.

Wanna say that there is a P90X explosion happening in Amarillo right now. So many people jumping in and making huge lifestyle changes! Awesome! Christina and I love to see this as it is so important, and we just love helping people with their fitness and nutrition goals. Its never too late to get going....You can do anything for 90 Days!!!

BTW....Have you seen the back on this chick?!?!?!

God Bless!