P90X Again - Week 2 Begins

Today, we flipped a couple of the resistance workouts and did Back & Biceps and Ab RipperX.....I looked at the bands again and discovered old Mr. Green Band is heavier than the Pink one, so I hit it and oh the burn. Big time! If you don't have the P90X Bands....get em! I was able to go to complete bicep failure. Man....that burns and is still burning.

A lot going on this week with work...I'm traveling again, so will be taking some of the DVD's with me on the road. Then flying to Oklahoma for Christina's cousin's High school Graduation....a great opportunity to do some selling. No one in her extended family has seen us since prior to doing P90X, so I'm looking forward to doing some motivating. Let me tell ya....small town Oklahoma is hip on eating good ole Southern Comfort Food! That is about to change! I'm telling you, people are looking for someone to discuss nutrition with them....get them into the conversation and get them motivated about LIFE! Fat eating just doesn't cut it any longer. People are hungry to get fit and those of us who have been there should help motivate them and hold them accountable. Some of these folks just need a coach!