P90X+ Day 12 - Chest & Back and Ab RipperX

OK....that was needed...back to good ole Day 1 of P90X...Chest & Back. Wow, after being sick for a few days that was tough. I am feeling a bit spend and weak. Lying around is hard on ya for strenght. I am now zapped! Glad I have my RECOVERY DRINK!!! I did change up the workout as I incorporated my P90X PowerStands....Nice, full range of motion with these. On the Wide Fly Pushups it really puts the stretch across the chest.

Ab Ripper was tough as well. Today on the Wide Leg Situps, I through in the Banana Mason's from Abs Core+.....from while always in "banana" you do one situp with 5 mason twists at the top of each one. I did 25 twists worth and then threw in 10 Wide Leg Situps.....then to finish off ARX, I twisted out 55 Mason Twists at the end. I could've puked at the end of that.