P90X - Day 82 - Legs & Back and Ab RipperX'd

Today was the last Ab RipperX of our 90 Days of the "X"....and it felt goooood. Today I came home for lunch a bit frustrated with work. But....in taking a bit of a long lunch Christina and I pushed out a fast paced Legs & Back....skipping all of the breaks and yapping in between exercises. What a sweat fest that made it. Today was a great day of pushing hard, squatting hard, and lunging even harder....I love sneaky lunges and oh how I love the calf raises. (you have to jump on the last 10 burners....its awesome!) I am so proud of Christina for sticking with this with me...she is very motivating and always keeps me going. I can't tell you what has happened, but this last week to week 1/2 I have been busting out the pullups more than ever. Christina as well. Although neither one of us reached our "Pull Up Goal"...we still have seen major improvements.

Then we hit the Ab Ripper for the last time (not ever)...and again sweat fest....the sweat was pooling on top of my bald head!!! As Mason Twists have always been a bear for me, I pushed myself to try for 45 and well....I hit 44 and colapsed. Grrrrrr. Then Christina went for broke and twisted out 70 of them....Wow!!! Great stuff.

Tonight we had an awesome praise and prayer meeting at church to pray for rain for the area and for God to reveal a new reigning in our lives....What an awesome time. One of my great passions over the last 15 or so years was confirmed by our Sr Pastor....That is to begin a reconcilliation of churches and to begin to come together as we should as the Body of Christ. The question that has always weighed heavy on my heart is....Why is it we can call each other "friends" and "neighbors" 6 days during the week, but separate ourselves on Sundays and even to some extent talk down about each other??? Walls of a church building or denominational separation does not build the Body of Christ...we are all the "Church"...we all need to begin to pray and focus our efforts toward the common goal of building God's kingdom together as one. So with that as you get amongst your co-workers or even your pastors please begin to pray how God would move on your church and begin to bring christians together under God's roof.

God Bless! And thank you all for your prayers for Rain!