P90X - Day 81 - CardioX and Yoga Belly 7

I have to say...that is my favorite workout. I can't believe I pick a cardio over the money bicep workout, but CardioX followed up by some Belly burn is great. CardioX throws just enough of each workout in that the next thing you know you're sweating your rear end off and then switching to the next. I think my heart rate bangs harder during the short Plyo workout than it does in Plyo itself. And I am sweating my ashtanga off right from the ashtanga's! Then to roll into Yoga Belly 7 at the end is just self-torture! That portion burrrrns. I think I'd rather do ABRX.

Well Christina and I are really considering being BB Coaches....we made this thing prove itself to us and now we know....it works and works well. The diet has been a breeze, the workouts have not. :-D...The responses from friends and family have been amazing. And overall we both feel great. I feel younger and full of energy. Kinda spunky!!!! HAHA!

Well Legs & Back & Abs tomorrow....it'll be early again as we have a huge prayer meeting at church with a number of area churches joining us to pray for Rain!!!! We need it. So if all of you during your evening tomorrow will just say a little prayer for God to send his rain on Amarillo, it would be greatly appreciated!

God Bless you all!