P90X - Day 79 - Plyometrix Fin

That my friends is it....IT....ITTTTT. Last Plyometrics of the 90! Only way we are doing Plyometrics again is if it is by choice. Well all of that was by choice, but you know what I mean! :-D Honestly I had to look at the recovery week as I, for some reason, was thinking that Plyo was part of the Recovery week....oh how I was happy to be proven wrong.

Right now as I sit and pour sweat all I can imagine is throwing a bunch of fatty bacon in a skillet and watching that fat melt! And as I sit here on Day 79, I have to remain very positive as I look down on still a gut....a gut that needs to come off. Which only means one thing....I have to keep bringing it. I just have to remember that it took 20 years to make that gut, it should take longer than 90 days to get rid of it.

Time to make a decision on P90X+....we'll have to get it shipping, so Christina and I will have to discuss our Post 90X plans of maintenance. Hmmmm....more Plyo....Ahhhhhhh!