P90X - Day 67 - Plyometrix

"The Mother"....wholly crap I dread that every time! Tonight though seemed a bit different, although I got home from work late and was hungry...I think I brought it harder tonight than I have in a while with Plyo. Christina and I got a wild hair and did some measuring pre-workout....very positive. I can't believe how much fat we carry in our upper back and shoulders....I'm down almost 4 1/2" in my chest, and I can tell you that it has come off my back and lats. 3 1/2" in my hips and 2 1/2" in the waist....Christina has dropped 3 1/2 around her waist!!!! Maybe this thing does work. Ha! DUH!

Anyway...tomorrow will be the first of 2 days that Christina and I won't get to work out together as I'll be traveling on business. We have Legs & Back & Abs tomorrow so I'll leave the DVD's with her....I am going to try doing CardioX with Pushups and Ab RipperX and then I have a co-worker bringing KenpoX....so I'm covered. It'll be hard not Bringing It together, but we'll survive. I think the double up on the cardio is going to help me on the traveling and to burn some more of the gush.

But...I will be blogging!!!