P90X - Day 64 - Chest, Shoulders, Triceps & ABRX

Oh my.....my hurt hurts after that one. I can't even type my forearms are so tight. Whoa....I guess I forgot how intense Chest Shoulders & Tri's workout is....man. Christina and I pushed that one as hard as we could from the start, although those slow-mo's at the beginning really aren't a big motivator for the rest of the workout. My shoulders were killing me tonight, but I pushed on through....and then....I went airborn!!! 10 Airborn pushups....yyyyes! That is intense!

Ab Ripper X was....well....ABRX. Felt a lot more intense tonight though for sure!

Ran into some folks at church tonight that have been doing P90X and they too are loving the results. I'm sure BeachBody is making a killing this year!