P90X - Day 62 - KenpoX

Tonight we hit it hard on KenpoX....I went to town on those TV waves coming at me...they didn't hit back once! That is such a great workout....I can't believe for a while today I kinda didn't feel like doing Kenpo....well glad that feeling changed!!!

As of this morning I've lost a total of 20...yes 20 pounds....Awesome. And..........Christina has hit her goal weight!!!! Great job and that only means it'll get better with 28 days to go! Whooohooo!

Well after burning at least 9000 calories tonight, we had a great meal of grilled Salmon, Brown Rice, and Grilled Asparagus!

Last night's LifeGroup was awesome....we began with a simple question to ponder..."Are we sinners saved by grace, or are we saints who sometimes sin?" Think about that! Actually first forget what you've always been taught and then think about that with your heart.

Do you realize how much God loves us??? And how much we were loved even before we chose to become one of his children?

ROMANS 5:8 - But God deomonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

God Bless!