P90X - Branson Coaches

Well...since we had to get some pics up for our Beachbody coach sites, we had our oldest son take some pics of us together. See if we still look ok together....HA.

The first pic was taken while we still enjoyed each other's chunk and heft! This was at about 12,000 feet along the trail to Imogene Pass above Teluride, CO. I was about 230-235 in this pic...and thick! Almost needed the "bro"...you know, the "manzier."
And Christina....(not from me)

The second picture was taken last night after our Core workout. Man she is hot! What a beautiful woman! Wow....wow! I'm now sitting at 193 and a lot leaner. And Christina ... (not from me) :-)

I'll let Christina post up her before and after shots, but here's me on the same trip to Colorado where the before pic was taken above.....and then one of me last night.

Not quite ready to blind you with my lilly white skin, so we'll stick to the P90X Tank for now! ;-D