P90X - Day 55 - Cardio X and Yoga Belly 7

Now that was a workout....mixing it up a bit, we hit Cardio X and at the end threw in the Yoga DVD and went to the Yoga Belly 7....oh yeah! That was a great mix and a great, great workout. My heart rate was pounding, I had tons of sweat pouring and then to hit the BELLY at the end took the focus off the rest of the pain and well...maybe just refocused it straight to the Abs and Legs...great!!!

Well...enough of the external...tonight at 7PM CST started a 24 hour prayer service in prelude to our dedication service of our new Worship Center http://www.tfchurch.org ... A new 4,000 seat, awesome, awesome place for all to come and feel loved and worship together to draw closer to God. It is an amazing place!

God Bless!