P90X - Day 34 - KenpoX

Gosh...I don't know what the deal is, but this week seemed like a really tough week. I am so-re. If you can make 2 syllables out of sore! My back, my legs, my biceps...its all hurting this week. Tonight we had Kenpo, and I just wasn't into it as much....I pushed hard, but with everything hurting, I just didn't want to throw a tight kick and pull a hammy..... Looking forward to tomorrow night and just spending some time stretching.

Today was quite a busy day, working on a huge network proposal and fighting with slow going processes....But...had a great Men's LifeGroup at lunch and just enjoyed soaking it in. Great discussion.

That is all for now....Kenewayne...I'm going to work on my Corpse Pose tonight....really going to concentrate on relaxing my face and eyes.

Xtreme Stretching tomorrow...