P90X - Day 31 - Back & Biceps and ABRIPPER

Noice!!! I liked this one. What a great, rag arm, workout! Do yourself a favor and take Post Day 31 pictures instead of Day 30....hehehe....After doing Back & Biceps, the pics will look really nice. These are the days that'll keep you pushing "PLAY>>>" Lots of curls, curls, curls....then, throw in some pull ups!

Hope everyone had a great SuperBowl Sunday and kept it healthy...."I know I did!"

Christina did a great job tonight, increasing some weight....She is really getting a lot of results from this. Looking really good...(I mean better!) I still have more of my warming layer to get rid of, but am seeing the progress. I'm ready for my "Chuck Lidell" belly to have some babies, but there is progress to be seen.

Yoga X tomorrow....hmmmm.

Forgot to post Dinner!

Tonight I prepared some Lean Top Sirloin with light Kosher Salt, Pepper, and the Coffee Rub Seasoning posted below. Grilled on High for around 5 minutes on the first side....when I flipped it I took the Grilled Peppers posted below as well and smothered the steak with them and let it finished grilling to Medium. Removed the Steak and let sit for 3-4 minutes and dug in. Man o man, that was a great steak!

Also prepared Grilled Asparagus....light oil, light salt & pepper....

Good stuff!