P90X - Day 23 - Core Synergistics

Can someone lend me a shopvac???? I need one to vacuum up the sweat off my yoga mat. Wow...now that is non-stop, in your face, core, core, core...Although we did watch Core Synergistics prior to doing it, we still were a bit nervous, but overall it was just another really intense workout. Definetly focused on core and blood flow. My-oh-my does it get your heart rate up. I can definetly see that this will result in nothing but good....after the burn is over.

The meal plans are going well....tonight Christina and I are going out with some friends to celebrate a birthday, so we'll see what a resturant has for us to eat to maintain our plan....we are really being strict on this plan so we can make it a normal thing.

Day 24 Tomorrow....this is flying by. I think tomorrow is Kenpo X!!!