Wow....what a great flavor! Today waiting on my porch were 3 boxes and one of em had our Shakeology in it. As Christina and I are going to start doing our 2 Day Fast Formula, we quickly decided to hit the Shakeology!!!! All I can say is, that tasted awesome. We bought the "Chocolate" flavor and it was very rich in taste! To think of all of the nutrients packed into that one shake and to actually taste like real chocolate!

I've had your typical "Chocolate" flavored health shakes before and they taste like.....well....a big glass of vitamins masked with a hit of chocolate....Not this one! Good stuff!

Take a look, you'll be amazed at the nutrients packed into this thing! For $4 per shake thats is sooooo inexpensive compared to what we might spend on a typical meal and way more nutritious!