P90X+ Day 9 - IntervalX+

Yes....35 minutes of kick arse cardio! Intervals really get your heart pumping! And it is FUN! Still not sure if its harder than Plyo, as they both are pretty intense, but Intervals really brings it for the entire workout. I tried like mad to make it to the water break, but my throat was begging for moisture. Anyway.....most importantly....I had my workout partner back. Christina came home today and even though she was worn out, she jumped right in and brought it....thanks a lot!

I tell ya....I have been so blessed by all of the positive comments from the stories so far from the Women's Retreat that Christina just returned from....I encourage you to read her blog for the details...awesome, awesome stuff. Always good to get away with God. But....don't forget....it doesn't take "The Mountain" to experience God. We are that mountain....He lives in us. We are that "HOLY PLACE"...Jesus died and the veil was torn on the stone temple....so now that temple is us. If we want to feel that "mountain top" fire....we just need to press in and come boldly to Him.