P90X - Day 88 - X Stretch

Oh am I going to sleep gooooood now! Nothing like a good long relaxing stretch right before bed. Its actually been awhile since Christina and I have been able to get the XStretch in. We've had to opt into RestX too many times. I was so glad to get that in tonight! It is soooo important to stretch.

Kenewayne, great to talk to you tonight. I guess we have two more goals....1 - make you a nerd. 2 - convert you to a Jeeper! Ha! You and Alana are doing great and I know you guys are going to make great coach's in your area. Congrats on the domain name addition! I tested the forward and its working! http://www.pricefamilyfitness.com Great choice in domains...that's one you could take a long way!

Well Day 88 is in the books. I think I can hear Pomp and Circumstance playing now! Core Synergistics tomorrow and for Day 90 I think we'll end it right with a little CardioX....or maybe we'll take all day and do all the DVD's back to back. NOOOOOOO! Can you imagine?!?! CardioX it is. And after much discussion it looks like we'll wait a week to hit the Fast Formula as we'll be taking a few days to re-aclimate to the world of rest. And then back at it until "+" hits the porch. Can't wait!